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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Subacute Osteomyelitis-MRI Sumer's Radiology Site

Subacute Osteomyelitis-MRI

Penumbra of subacute osteomyelitis:

  • Green arrow: Hypodensity = core of abscess
  • Yellow arrow: Iso or relatively hyperdense area = granulation tissue
  • Red arrow: Hypodensity = sclerosis of bone to limit the infection
  • Blue arrow: Outer hypodensity = edema around

The sensitivity of the penumbra sign for osteomyelitis is 73.3%, with a specificity of 99.1%, Case and description by Dr. Wael Nemattalla,  Egypt. 
This is a very good description. Sumer's site is the best around for information on MRI descriptions and diagnosis. check it out.



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