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Monday, November 11, 2013

Siemens Symbia Intevo SPECT/CT

Yes, we should indeed be moving toward SPECT/CT as the standard of care. But in truth, we are there, and even a cursory look at a SPECT without CT shows just how critical it is to pair the two. I'll go with Dr. Maurer's original sentiment. SPECT/CT IS the new standard of care. I'll even go way, way out on a limb, which will make the bean-counters tear their hair out, and the equipment-makers jump for joy: There is no longer any reason to buy a conventional SPECT camera; EVERY NEW GAMMA CAMERA (perhaps with a few exceptions for narrow, dedicated applications) SHOULD BE A SPECT/CT device. Period. SPECT/CT is now the de facto standard of care, and it is sheer foolishness to buy 40-year-old technology in its stead. How many PET scanners (as opposed to PET/CT) are being sold today? Just about none. 

Siemens Symbia Intevo SPECT/CT:



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