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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Siemens MAGNETOM® Verio 3T MRI.


Proven 3T clinical imaging.


Proven 3T clinical imaging.
  • MAGNETOM Verio
  • MAGNETOM Verio
  • MAGNETOM Verio
  • MAGNETOM Verio
  • MAGNETOM Verio
As a proven innovator, Siemens is bringing 3T field strength, 70 cm Open Bore, and Tim®technology together in one powerful system - MAGNETOM® Verio, A Tim+Dot System. Invest in this MRI system that helps to make you a leader, with the versatility to provide a wide range of clinical applications today and well into the future.

Super Powerful Gradients!!

MAGNETOM Verio, A Tim+Dot System offers leading magnet and gradient technology, helping you in obtaining excellent image quality.
Overview Technical Details
Field strength3 Tesla
Bore size70 cm Open Bore design
System length173 cm
System weight (in operation)8.2 tons
Minimum room size33 m2
RF Tim[102x8]1, [102x18], [102x32]
Gradient strengthVQ-engine (45 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s)
Helium consumptionZero Helium boil-off technology

Siemens' unique technologies                                                        

  • Tim: Tim integrated coil technology changed MRI forever. With excellent image quality and fast acquisition speed, the proven technology is now in nearly 8,000 installations. Whole-body coverage means no repositioning for multiple exams and more exams per day.
  • Dot: The next movement in MRI. This comprehensive MRI workflow solution helps take the complexity out of MRI scanning. Benefit from a customizable framework for patient personalization, step-by-step user guidance, and exam automation.
    More information about Dot and all of the Dot engines.


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