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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When I first heard from the sales rep at Lantheus that you could do a MRA Runoff with less than 10cc of Ablavar, I have to admit I was seriously doubtful. There is just something that seems inherently wrong there! We who have been in the field of MRI have been using much more for our power injected MRA's for a long time. I know over the last few years we have made strides to use the lowest dose possible but even this doesn't come close to what is possible with Ablavar. I am very happy with the results of Ablavar as a contrast agent for our MRA's. We have really been blown away with how well such a small amount of contrast works. the first pass Imaging looks great. The Steady State when done at high resolution can be such a nice addition to the study. the Ablavar will stay in the arteries and veins for about an hour after the injection. There is plenty of time for some High Res 576 matrix imaging. I am laughing to myself  because I know that a lot of you out there can do that routinely, on faster systems. I have a Old Siemens Symphony 1.5. but it runs good. and takes nice images still. Good luck trying Ablavar I know you will not be disappointed!

ABLAVAR®: unique chemistry at work
ABLAVAR® is a unique contrast agent specifically designed to overcome the limitations of MRA imaging with extracellular contrast agents.3
The ABLAVAR® difference is its reversible binding to the blood protein albumin.This binding allows ABLAVAR® to remain in the circulation (the “blood pool”) for up to 1 hour.1,3 As a result, high-resolution, finely detailed MRA images can be obtained in order to visualize the extent and severity of vascular pathology -- all with a single, low-dose injection.1,3,4
Only ABLAVAR® provides high-resolution, first-pass and steady-state images that, together, provide diagnostic accuracy comparable to XRA, with fewer uninterpretable images than both XRA and noncontrast-enhanced MRA.5,6
  • ABLAVAR® provides both bright, first-pass images and high-resolution, steady-state images for evaluating the location, extent, and severity of disease for appropriate intervention3,5,6
  • ABLAVAR®-enhanced MRA provides information that can impact diagnosis and patient management15,16
  • Phase 3 clinical trials prove that ABLAVAR®-enhanced MRA provides:
    • Diagnostic accuracy comparable to the reference standard XRA5,6
    • Fewer uninterpretable images than either XRA or noncontrast MRA5,6
  • Contains the lowest dose of gadolinium (70% less) of all of the gadolinium-based contrast agents used in MRA*1,7-11
  • No reported cases of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis in over 90,000 patients12
  • Documented safety and tolerability1,5, FAQ's

The dosing section will provide you with weight-based dosing guidelines for adult patients.
Imaging guidelines explain the timing of first-pass (dynamic phase) and steady-state (equilibrium phase) image acquisitions.
The system settings section will provide suggested system settings for Phillips, GE Healthcare, and Siemens system users. Depending upon the model used, your settings may vary.
Under additional resources, you will find relevant industry links.

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