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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GE’ 3T MRI scanner MR750

Simply Powerful, Powerfully Simple It’s MR beyond boundaries, giving you every edge. Break free from traditional 3.0T scanning – powerfully, precisely, productively. Just for starters, we’re talking about a complete liver study in a 15-minute time slot, or the breast images you need in only two sequences. No more “what ifs” – it’s time for “right nows.”

The strongest whole-body gradients – the most powerful in the industry – and the new gold standard in body, breast and MSK imaging… now that’s powerfully simple MR.



Break the Bonds: Start from a Position of PowerThe Signa® MR750 3.0T’s stunning new technologies take 3.0T imaging to a new level. This remarkable technology allows you to focus on what’s most important – patients.

The most reliable 3.0T magnet, the Signa® MR750 3.0T is built around GE’s third-generation short-bore, superconducting 3.0T magnet – proven to deliver high homogeneity for excellent results…even in large or off-center FOV imaging, fat saturation techniques and high-performance applications such as cardiac, fMRI, diffusion tensor and spectroscopy. Other technical breakthroughs include:

  • Sophisticated real-time SAR optimization.

  • Unique heat extraction gradient architecture for faster acquisitions and fewer slowdowns.

  • Exclusive OpTix optical RF technology for greater SNR.

  • ARC, accelerated parallel imaging.

  • Faster reconstructions.

  • Anatomy-optimized RF coils and arrays.

  • Easily scalable for future expansion.



Break Away: Routine Exams Faster, Advanced Exams Routine

As the most efficient scanner available, every scan is a study in speed. Conduct in-room patient set up in as little as 30 seconds and start scanning in just a few simple steps. The Signa® MR750 3.0T makes routine exams faster than the industry standard, and advanced exams routine.


The Signa® MR750 3.0T is designed around clinical workflow needs with a strong focus on improving productivity, such as:

  • Automated clinical applications mean fewer steps to faster studies.

  • A high-resolution color in-room operator console (iROC) equals quick exam set up.

  • The Express Patient Table offers one-time patient transfer, comfort and operational efficiency. Two 32-channel surface coil connections integrated right into the table can simplify patient preparation outside the scanning room.

  • With a simple, one-handed motion, the integrated arm boards can be optimally positioned to support the patient for injections and transport.

  • Located to the left and right of the scanner bore, the dual-sided controls let you operate the scanner from either side of the patient table.

  • Start scanning in just a few simple steps with IntelliTouch patient positioning.

  • The system gives patients a quick, easy, and comfortable MR experience.

The strongest whole-body gradients – the most powerful in the industry – deliver incredible 50mT/m gradient field on each axis (X, Y and Z) simultaneously, plus a slew-rate of 200 T/m/s combined with OpTix – an exclusive optical RF technology. The result: higher accuracy and more reproducible scans. Additionally, you’ll experience up to 60% more anatomical coverage and resolution per unit time, 27% more SNR and faster reconstruction speeds. What’s more, enjoy the new gold standard in body, breast and MSK imaging.

Clinical Break Down: Fresh Vision, New Clarity

Thanks to unprecedented temporal system stability and high signal-to-noise, the subtle brain activation signal treats in the foreground and can be captured much more reliably. The Signa® MR750 3.0T delivers routine, accurate, repeatable fMRI studies with 60% more spatial resolution in the same scan time and with reduced number of paradigm repetitions.
Combining multiple series into one, VIBRANT – IDEAL helps reduce exam time and ensure “can’t miss” fat suppression in breast studies. With no need for shimming and ARC parallel imaging on the Signa® MR750 3.0T, your productivity benefits are substantial.

This system is ready for clinical prime time. Read about the details behind this remarkable technology.

  • With Cube, you can more easily reformat sub-millimeter isotropic 3D volume image data from a single acquisition into any plane-axial, sagittal, coronal or oblique – with no gaps or loss of resolution. New, self-calibrated ARC parallel imaging engine speeds up the acquisition, while eliminating aliasing even in small FOV imaging.

  • 3D MERGE: Generating excellent gray-white matter contrast in the spinal cord without sacrificing SNR, this high-definition, 3D application acquires 1 mm slices in a clinically relevant scan time, enabling reformats in different planes.

  • Time of Flight imaging on the Signa® MR750 3.0T gives you more -more spatial resolution and more contrast between the flowing blood and the surrounding tissue- for more small vessel detail more confident diagnoses.

  • Providing exceptionally uniform, consistent fat suppression across the entire image in a very large field of view, LAVA-IDEAL produces four contrasts in just one acquisition, for confident diagnoses and fewer repeat exams.

  • Now delivering improved performance, which lets you more than double the slices or alternative to acquire more diffusion directions in the same scan time, DTI/FiberTrak lets you visualize white matter trajectories in the brain.


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