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Friday, February 12, 2010


– Apple Inc. on Wednesday unveiled their latest creation at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, California, the long-awaited tablet device, the iPad. Apple Inc.’s CEO and founder Steve Jobs announced Apple’s latest device, a thin-tablet device, similar to the iPhone. The device is .5 inches thin, 1.5 pounds, and features a fully capacitive multi-touch display 9.7 inch IPS display. It’s powered by Apple’s own silicon chip, the 1Ghz Apple A4 chip, with 16GB to 64GB of flash storage. Additionally, the iPad touts 10 hours of battery life, WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1, a Microphone, and an accelerometer. The device can also run all iPhone apps unmodified out of the box from the app store, from which customers have downloaded 3 billion already. Apple developers noted that they rewrote all of their proprietary apps to take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen. The iPad will be released along a new app, an ebook reader. Pioneered by the Amazon Kindle, Apple has created their own version of an online book store, iBooks. It’s an online component similar to iTunes that will allow customers to buy books for their device, the store is partnered with Penguin, Macmillion, Simon & Shuster, and others to provide a wide-selection of material. In addition, Apple will release a new developers kit to that allows third party developers to take advantage of the device. “What this device does is extraordinary,” said Jobs. “You can browse the web with it. It’s the best web experience you’ve ever had.” Jobs said that the iPad has the best web browsing experience, stating that it’s “way better than a laptop, way better than a phone.” He demonstrated the tablet device which featured a single button to be used with the on-screen keyboard. More at : Apple unveils long-awaited tablet device “iPad”

In the forefront of breaking technology, CoActiv Medical announces new EXAM-PACS touch screen image viewing for the Apple iPad large-screen digital viewing and communications device. Based on the existingEXAM-PACS iPhone image viewing system, the new iPad system will support bi-directional data communication between a PACS and any iPad using the new device’s built-in WiFi capabilities. This version of EXAM-PACS for iPad will also be fully compatible with the Apple iPad 3G model scheduled for release in April. The updated 3G model will allow connectivity for anywhere, anytime image viewing.

CoActiv EXAM-PACS iPad support enables secure DICOM Query/Retrieve functionality and also allows files to be pushed directly to the device over WiFi and 3G connections. Once images arrive on the mobile device, they may be viewed using the full range of iPad’s Touch Screen capabilities, including scroll, pan, zoom and window & level and measurement functions. All manipulated and annotated images may be instantly saved locally on the device as JPG files and emailed or sent via messaging to anyone, anywhere in a matter of seconds.

This advanced EXAM-PACS for iPad communication is enabled by a bi-directional integration with the award-winning OsiriX Mobile viewer, which will run on the iPad and requires no additional software installation.

Announced just days ago, the Apple iPad features a new ultra high-resolution 9.7-inch (measured diagonally) LED screen and runs the full range of iPhone applications with the benefit of a much larger, easier-to-manipulate dashboard and unprecedented true-to-life display. The device is extremely lightweight, offering physicians the truly portable, high-quality image accessibility and display that they need.

“Immediately after learning about the new iPad technology, CoActiv Medical realized the potential and focused on ensuring thatEXAM-PACS could make the most of it,” said Ed Heere, president and CEO of CoActiv. “This reflects our philosophy of remaining in the forefront of evolving technologies. We believe the iPad will open up important new possibilities for remote image viewing for radiologists and other physicians, and CoActiv Medicalplaced a priority on being the first in the industry to support it.”

Based on all the preliminary information from Apple, a review of the iPad application standards and Apple’s system developer’s kit (SDK), CoActiv’s application will be waiting and immediately available to current EXAM-PACS users once the iPad is commercially available. EXAM-PACS for iPad functionality will then be fully integrated in CoActiv Medical ’s standard EXAM-PACS configuration at no added cost. EXAM-PACS for iPad also will utilize the enhanced viewing capabilities of the soon-to-be available OsiriX for iPad application.

However, CoActiv Medical does suggest that current EXAM-PACS users wait for and purchase the Apple iPad model utilizing 3G communications to assure availability of truly global medical image communications.

“With this and other new mobile technologies, we believe that the radiology reading room truly has no boundaries,” said Heere. “CoActiv Medical is committed to ensuring its users reap all the benefits and flexibility of this growing trend.”

Source: CoActiv Medical

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