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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Philips Panorama High Field Open

Comfortable, high field open MRI

Our Panorama high field Open MRI appeals to both patients and referring physicians alike with it’s wide-open design, high image quality, large field of view and broad coverage of clinical applications. Thanks to it’s unique features, the Panorama HFO provides the potential for you to attract more patients and increase your referral area.


The Panorama HFO provides a 360-degree panoramic viewing angle and spacious 160 cm-wide patient aperture ensuring a comfortable, relaxing MRI experience for anxious, elderly, obese or claustrophobic patients.


While covering all routine applications, it is especially ideal for orthopedic, pediatric and bariatric imaging. The wide-open patient space allows you to explore new clinical applications such as biopsy procedures and kinematic joint studies.


High Field Performance comparable to 1.5T in a truly open configuration

  • Solenoid Technology coils
    • Superb coverage and comfort
    • High SNR
    • Fully SENSE compatible
    • Excellent homogeneity
  • 1.5T signal, 1.0T contrast for minimal susceptibility and distortion
  • SmartExam – One click to consistent and reproducible MRI exams
    • One click for planning, scanning and processing
    • 100% consistency and reproducibility
    • Covers over 75% of examinations
    • Brain, Knee, Shoulder and Spine capabilities
  • ExamCards automate the most complex studies
  • Clinical performance in all applications


Preferred by Patients

  • 72% of patients prefer the Panorama over any cylindrical system*
  • Ambient Experience further boosts preference
  • Preference represents value
  • Ability to market your practice directly to the patient
  • Source: GfK Panelservices Benelux



Going Beyond the Bore 

  • Area of interest can always be placed at iso-center
    • Uncompromised fat-sat
    • Fewer motion artifacts
  • Virtually any patient, any position
    • No coils necessary for the most challenging patients
    • Sideways scanning is no issue
  • Open line of sight – always
    • Reduced need for sedation
    • Visual contact w/loved ones always intact
  • Unlimited accessibility
    • Real-time scanning & viewing
    • Patient can remain in scanner
      • Reduced need for repositioning
      • Fast, accurate scanning



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