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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cinema Vision for MRI

CinemaVision - Making MRI Virtually Entertaining 
Transforming the patient’s MRI experience, CinemaVision is a convenient, versatile and user-friendly 3D virtual reality system. It provides multiple entertainment options from standard video, television and PC input, while offering two-way communication with technologists and dramatically reducing MRI gradient noise. The head-mounted display fits completely within the head coil and operates inside the magnet bore with no detrimental effects on your magnet. 

Opening New Horizons in Patient Comfort 


Delivering unparalleled quality and realism, CinemaVision combines state-of-the-art, fully digital video and symphonic quality digital audio. Offering an unprecedented field-of-view, the CinemaVision experience is similar to watching a high-resolution 62-inch screen from 5 ? feet away. Eliminate appointment cancellations and sedation as patients enjoy a stunning sight and sound experience.

Setting New Standards in Patient Comfort 
Offering the ultimate in patient ease is a sleek new lightweight, adjustable, integrated audio-video headset. With Laser Link technology, installation is just a matter of minutes. No additional cables or filters are necessary. Patient set-up also is a breeze.

Treat your patients to the highest quality multi-media experience that others can’t match, and enjoy a host of top-of-the-line technologies. 


CinemaVision, a 3-D virtual reality system that gives patients the opportunity to watch their favorite DVD or listen to their favorite music.   Patients who choose to utilize it can wear the CinemaVision goggles and headset.  The image produced gives patients the illusion that they are watching a 62-inch screen from five and a half feet away. 

While it is still new, CinemaVision has been making an impact in helping keep patients completely still during the test.     

“CinemaVision has really helped with children. It allows them to watch their favorite television show and become relaxed,” Brenda Downen, BroMenn Radiology Manager, said.

Other patients who might normally ask for anesthesia to calm their nerves during the test can sometimes find that CinemaVision provides enough distraction to render anesthesia unnecessary.

Patients can bring in their own iPod, which connects directly to CinemaVision, or DVDs to view while getting the MRI taken. BroMenn also offers about six radio stations and cable television if the patients choose not to bring their own entertainment.  CinemaVision is usually not allowed during an MRI of the brain or spine, because it would interfere with the imaging.


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