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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NEW MRI Searchable Database

There is a new service available for hospitals and clincs that can determine the mri safety of implanted devices . check out there website.

The MRI safety status of medical implant devices can be difficult to track because many manufacturers 1.) Change their names; 2) Sell their medical devices to other companies; 3.) Go out of business; 4) Discontinue manufacturing of certain devices; 5.) Merge with other companies; or holding companies move medical device ownership from company to company. Dozens of these transactions transpire annually, bringing confusion and obfuscation to MRI technologists, who need to be certain of an implanted device’s safety status before scanning. After seven or eight years of this merger and acquisition activity, the status of many implants can become impossible to find.

MRI technologists, too often given the sketchiest of information, can spend hours looking for safety status, or materials of construction, to determine if a scan is safe. Even if the search is successful, most sites have no method to ultimately store the data or retrieve it for use later. An MRI site’s source of implant safety information can quickly degrade to a paperback book and an unmanageable manila folder of faxes.

Compounding the problem, are new safety definition standards; more powerful scanners and implants from overseas. Faced with an “MR Conditional” device, technologists must account for the static field strength, spatial gradient field, SAR and time duration of the scan. According to a recent JCAHO Sentinel Event: “All implants should be checked against product labeling or manufacturer literature specific to that implant, or peer-reviewed published data regarding the device or implant in question. Technologists should be provided with ready access to this information.” What JCAHO did not state is where this information is supposed to come from!

A searchable database to store MRI specific information with multiple search options to retrieve manufacturer’s information and published data, would be an invaluable tool to free up technologist’s time and eliminate duplicate research for implant safety information!

MagResource LLC has developed a searchable database to track the MRI safety status of medical implants through this whirlwind of economic and technological turmoil. The Internet database features daily rather than yearly updates to provide site-users with instant access to the latest information. User sites enter the Online Database without login or password. When a device is not found in the database, MagResource will endeavor to find it. Free trials and in-service for MRI sites at:


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