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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parrish Medical Centers Diamondback 360 System

The Diamondback 360° System uses the principle of centrifugal force. As crown rotation increases, centrifugal force presses the eccentrically mounted, diamond-coated crown against the stenotic lesion, removing a thin layer of plaque. The increasing crown orbit creates a larger lumen — minimizing procedure time and expense of catheter upsizing.

Additional benefits of the orbiting motion include:
Removing plaque while minimizing the potential for stress or injury to the media layer, and reducing the risk of barotrauma.
The use of a 6 French introducer sheath

Doctors Ravi Rao, MD, interventional cardiologist and Joseph Flynn, DO, interventional radiologist at Parrish Medical Center are among the first in Central Florida to offer a newly FDA approved treatment option to people with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)—the Diamondback 360’™ Orbital Atherectomy System.The device removes plaque blockages in the legs (peripherals) and restores blood flow

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