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Monday, November 05, 2007

Lie detectors have been around for a long time, and have not always been acurate. We are at a technological turning point where we have the tools to look into the brain and tell conclusively if someone is lying. At Vanderbilt University neuroscientists are using FMRI to probe the inerworkings of the human brain, delving into reserch that will tell when you are lying or when you are in love.
The way FMRI works is by Measuring the flow of Oxygenated blood into areas of the brain showing the most activity, (neural activity). As blood flow to these areas increase the MRI machine can detect tiny differences in the magnetic properties of hemoglobin, (blood). All the data is reconstructed and the Radiologist can determine the area’s of the brain that are in use during the scan.
Darpa, the pentagon’s high-tech reserch department has been developing uses for FMRI. A recent article in the Cornell Law Review noted, “have developed technologies that may render the ‘dark art’ of interogation unneccessary”. This could lead to FMRI become a new Gold Standard for lie detecting . One company called NO-lie MRI is offering its FRMI based lie detecting services for $10,000 a scan. they have more than 100 potential clients that have expressed interest.
MRI may or may not be the solution, but as technology continues to progress we will see so many changes. MRI is like a new telescope into the mind and we are just starting to explore.We have so far to go.



MRI Nueroarm Video