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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

MRI Safetey

In the MRI field Safety is of Highest priority. We take great care when talking to our patients to find out what type of medical procedures and surgeries they have had in the past. Some Surgeries will stop the technologist from doing the MRI or the MRA exam. If you have had recent surgery, within the last two months it is important to tell the MRI technologist that will be doing the procedure on you. If you have a pacemaker, aneurysm clips, neurostimulator, or metal in your eyes, please let the technologist know. Some of the devices may be scanned with proper documentation. Many coronary artery stents and peripheral stents can be scanned upon implantation, but some must wait 6-8 weeks. All bullets and shrapnel must be assumed to be ferromagnetic and treated as such. If they are near any critical anatomy such as Spinal cord, then the radiologist and the referring physician should be consulted as to benefit vs. risk of procedure.

Here are a few Questions you may be asked when having an MRI or MRA:
1. Do you have a pacemaker or artificial heart valve? Y/N
2. Do you have aneurysm clips (clips put around blood vessels during surgery)? Y/N
3 Do you have any implants in your body (e.g. replacement joints, drug pumps, metal pins, plates etc)? Y/N
4. Have you ever had any metal fragments in your eyes? Y/N
5. Have you ever worked with metal (e.g. grinding, machining, welding) without eye protection? Y/N
6. Do you have any metal or shrapnel fragments anywhere in your body? Y/N
7. Have you ever had an operation on your head, spine or chest? Y/N
8. Have you ever had any surgery? (if yes, please give brief details) Y/N
Details ____________________________________________________________________
9. Do you have any implanted electrical devices (e.g. hearing aid, cochlea implant, nerve stimulator)? Y/N
10. Have you ever had an MRI scan before? Y/N
11. Do you wear dentures, a dental plate or a brace (not fillings)? Y/N
12. Are you susceptible to claustrophobia? Y/N
13. Do you suffer from any other medical condition that might be relevant (e.g. epilepsy, diabetes, asthma)? Y/N
Details ____________________________________________________________________
14. Do you have any trans-dermal patches (skin patches)? Y/N
15. Do you have any tattoos or body piercings? Y/N
16. Is there any possibility that you could be pregnant? Y/N

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