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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Other Cool Things

Behold: Dell's XPS 420

Should anyone be wondering what Dell's got up its sleeve with its next-gen XPS system, here's the scoop: the XPS 420 will be appropriately bigger, badder, better equipped, and even have fun features like a hardware MPEG-4 encoder and SideShow display up top.
Core 2 Duo, Extreme, or Quad (up to 8MB) processor options
Intel X38 Express chipset, DDR2 800 (up to 8GB)
MiniView LCD 3 x 2-inch QVGA display (runs SideShow on the front, picture after the break)
Dell Xcelerator - dedicated media coprocessor for transcoding video streams to MPEG-4 formats. Can cut encode time on a 2 hour HD movie in half and use far fewer CPU cycles.
SATA II (with RAID 0 or 1 support)
PCI Express x16, gigabit Ethernet
(2) front USB, (6) rear, (2) internal; one front and rear 1394; one eSATA, frontal audio ports

Some MiniView display modes
Default - shows time, date, month calendar, and system stats (including number of users connected)
PC monitoring - Shows detailed system stats like CPU speed / temp, available RAM, fan speeds, and other info like Service Tag (so you don't have to keep that memorized anymore)
Audio, video, or picture mode - controls media access and playback (duh)



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