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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The Epilert is a simple system, still in development stage, that comes with a sensor that is worn by an epileptic around the wrist or foot, and will detect vibrations that are typical in an epileptic seizure. A warning can be sent to family members or a medical facility through the telephone system.

EPILERT is an Alert device that warns parents and
caregivers of an on going epileptic seizure, especially
when the patient is alone and unattended (sleeping,
alone in room, outdoors etc.).
EPILERT is a watch-like Sensor Unit worn by the patient
on the hand or the foot. Epilert detects and processes
the specific vibrations of epileptic seizures and transmits
an alarm to Alert Units of caregivers with options for
auto-call for medical help services.
EPILERT will also record data of all the Epileptic Events
for further medical treatment.
EPILERT is designed to be very reliable. Advanced digital
signal processing assures accurate detection of attacks
thus eliminating annoying false alarms.
The Epilert program consists of a series of three models.
The first model is aimed specifically to operate indoors
and provide peace of mind to parents of epileptic children,
especially when the child is unattended.

Epilepsy Seizures Alert
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