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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Erdheim Chester histocytosis

Today, I scanned a pt who I have been scanning for the last couple of years. We scan her every 3-6months or so. She has been trying different therapy for her Erdheim Chester disease. The most recent, a 6 month course of Chemo. I can say that her scans are markedly improved over the last time we scanned her. I was very impressed. I can say this is the best part about what I do . When I see some one getting better it is a great feeling. When I first saw this patient I was not sure what to think, I know i was worried for her. The Radiologist working that night said to me a few words I'll always remember. He said, " this is the rarest case you will see over and over and over again." I thought it was wierd at the time becuase I knew how true it was. I knew I would be seeing this patient again and again for follow up scans, but I will probally never see another case on non-langerhans histocytosis or Erdheim Chesters Disease. Being in the medical feild is sometimes a double edge sword. What is intresing for us working in it is not so good for you living in it. I want to make that clear. So remember your patient when you are doing rounds, it could very well be your friend, your brother, or your mom. Remember we are all practicing medicine.............................................

Here is some background on the disease.


MRI Nueroarm Video