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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Epilepsy..........The Chronic Seizure Disorder

There has always been a sort of stigma about Epilepsy and seizures, dating far back into our history. People thought that patients experienceing seizures were possesed. It is the their lack of understanding that leads them to this belief, like all other things. Seizure can be cuased by many things. For the people suffering from them the cause is not as important as a cure or treatment. I know this from a very personal level, as I too have Epilepsy. I am one of the most fortunate, my seizure disorder is very controlable. I take medication that allows me to work and function at a very high level. This is certainly not the case for everyone. The Epilepsy Foundation is continually doing research to find better ways to help thoose who need it. One of the leaders in reaserch is Shands at Jacksonville, FL. When my mother , who was working for the epilepsy fondation of Brevard County, in Florida went to Shands to see there research she was amazed at the progress and the knowledge they had assembled about Epilepsy. I, being in the MRI field see patients every day who have a history of seizures. It is very common. Many people lead very normal lives with epilepsy. So What is Epilepsy?
Threre are many things that someone with seizures should know:
Triggers and Cuases.
1st response to seizure
Newly Diagnosed
Livining with epilepsy
Epilepsy Surgery

This is just a brief overview on a topic that I am far too familiar with feel free to email me with any questions you may have or leave a comment.


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