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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brain Aneurysms

The Brain is an amazing thing but when things go wrong it sure gets scary. When a person has an aneurysm they can go for years without knowing it. It is only when they start to experience new symptoms that they start to wonder what is going on. Some of these symptoms include loss of feeling in the face or problems with the eyes. Immediately before an aneurysm ruptures, an individual may experience such symptoms as a sudden and unusually severe headache, nausea, vision impairment, vomiting, and loss of consciousness. I have a friend at work that came in with several of these symptoms one day and now she has 2 aneurysm clips in her cerebral arteries. She had the clips put in at Shands in Florida. There are other methods including embolization coils to fix aneurysms. Many MRI centers will not scan a patient with a Aneurysm clip in their brain, but will scan a patient with embolization coils. CTA's of the brain are another great way to see the cerebellar arteries at little risk to the patient. Science has made diagnosing aneurysm much easier than ever before, and advancements in surgery have made it possible for people to recover from a very scary diagnosis.


MRI Nueroarm Video