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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

3 LBS ...........................;)

Now this is a show I can watch. I like to watch the medical shows, I don't know why, I would think that when I got home I would like to leave work behind me. The thing is these characters on the shows are always doing crazy things we could never dream of doing in real life. I don't know if you have ever seen Grey's Anatomy but this show is so Dramatic. I love it, but it is not real. Another show that is very entertaining because of the brilliant acting of Hugh Laurie. He is a one man show in House. The only complaint about House is that they exaggerate allot. The MRI machine need I say more.................. If you are an MRI tech or have had an MRI you will understand how ridiculous they make themselves look when they are doing MRI's. The time that I am thinking about is when they had a 600lb patient that had to be done even though he exceeded table weight limit. They were too worried that they might get sued if they didn't try to do the patient. MY GOD, give me a break. I would be more concerned about breaking a million dollar piece of hospital equipment that can not be replaced over night. But that is enough, I do like the show.............really. Now, I want to talk about 3 lbs. Albert Einsteins brain only weighed 2.74lbs . He also had no sylvian fissure his parietal lobe was one. this show is good and I am hooked. It is on at 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday on CBS. The show Is about 2 Neurosurgeons and how they deal with patients differently. It has one Doctor who is very straight forward and ready to cut away, while the other is more emotional and willing to listen to patients needs before he makes his decisions as to what type of treatment is right for them.

I think It has the makings for a great series if they stay focused on whats important.


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