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Friday, September 29, 2006

When life throws wheel chairs at you what do you do?

Well, I know some of you out there are well aware of the safety concerns involving MRI. We take every precuation at our hospital to ensure the saftey of our patients, and yet still there is room for improvement. Take for example, The day I scaned a pateint who needed quite a bit of assistance. His wife was his only caretaker and knew how to help him in every way. She was fantastic. Unfourtounately, becuase he was in such bad condition, we decided to use his own wheel chair and stop at the end of the table outside the magnetic field. We moved his chair over to the back of the room, far, far, away. When the scan was done I went in the room to help him get up his wife came into the room to help her husband and she grabbed the chair and moved closer to the magnet. I did not see her becuase my back was turned and I was lifting the patient up from the table. When she eventually got too close the wheel chair flew out of her hands and slammed against the magnet. I can only describe the sound as an aluminum baseball bat hitting a stopsign. I was so scared I had been standing about two feet away from where the wheel chair flew by. It could very easily hit me in the head or the patient. I was lucky. This Is why SAFETY in MRI is ALWAYS FIRST!!!!


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